My strong belief in Angels, the Spirit World and the Supernatural is the primary catalyst that inspired me to write this book.   We as mortal beings, for the most part have various beliefs in a Supreme Being, and both good and evil spirits or entities.  When we are in a time of need, most of us were taught at a very young age to pray and ask for protection, strength and forgiveness from some sort of divine being from above. 

It is because of these facts that I have chosen to use the angels, more specifically the Archangel Michael, as a source of strength and power for our hero in this story because I wanted to give my readers a since that maybe… just maybe there is a superhero out there that is not from another planet and he draws his powers from a source that we know to be real and is very present in almost every major religious and spiritual sects on the planet.  I did not write this book to try to convert anyone from one religion or another.  However, I want to let you the reader use you own judgment and be apart of a different type of fantasy with a very real foundation from the authors standpoint. 

I would like to personally thank those of you that are looking to purchase and those of you that have purchased this book and especially those of you that enjoyed it enough to share this book with others.  It is with the warmest sincerity, I hope that each and every one of you will continue to stay blessed in all that you do.

Love & Light Always,


A new type of Superhero

- From the Author -